I got an Acer AL2416W 24" LCD screen about a week ago (didn't purchase, a friend told me it was broken).  When you plug it in after it's been sitting for awhile you can see a dim green Acer Logo.  Once that diisappears there is no display on the unit, but the power button is still green.  I've checked for a dim display with a flashlight and even took it out in the sunlight to verify.

I did some checking around on Google and most of the posts say to check for bad capacitors on the board.  I cracked it open, but do not see any bad capacitors.  

My question is, are there any other logical testing steps I should be doing before I start investing money into this?  Most of the posts on Google say to replace the Logic Board, which I am prepared to do if that's all it will take to solve the issue.

asked 06/30/2011 08:39

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is the backlight lit?  that can be the cause
your inverter can be bad
check this site for more info :
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