In Google Chrome, selecting "Delete cookies and other site and plug-in data" also deletes the SQLite database that comes in HTML5.  This could be disasterous if someone has saved a lot of customer and salse data.  How can I back up this database, to restore it if someone does the above browser-history delete?

SQLite is designed to store all data in a single file.  So I'm hoping there is a standard name and place where this file is kept, and that I can simply copy it to replace if necessary.

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It is depend on where the plugin installed. For that in Chrome:
1. Click on Wrench icon on Chrome toolbar
2. Take Tools -> Extension
3. Click on Plus icon next to Developer mode
4. You can see the location of the plugin, most of file too in that location.

Or you can use Process Monitor from Sysinternals to list any files used by Chrome and its plugin.


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Hmmm.  Following the above path lead to the message:

Boo... No extensions installed :-(

I'm guessing that's because SQLite is being made a part of the HTML5 standard (which comes with Chrome) rather than an extention added later.

answered 10/27/11 09:22 PM

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Then you need to dig deeper using Process Monitor.

Maybe some other experts know exactly where the database is. Why not request of attention?

answered 10/28/11 06:44 AM

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I beieve I have found my own answer, with a Google search.  It turned up a page at:
which gives the location of the Chrome data for several operating systems.

The database itself is in
....Chrome\User Data\Default\databases
Looking up mine, I see each website has it's own database folder, named after the sites domain name.  For localhost, the folder is named
unless you specify a port number (such as port 50213) which would produce the folder name

Hopefully, all I need to do to backup my database is to save a copy of this one folder elsewhere.

answered 10/29/11 12:30 AM

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"B" grade, because the conclusion has not been completely tested.

answered 10/31/11 05:55 AM

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