We're currently running BES 5 SP3 MR5 and Exchange 2003 SP2 and Exchange 2010 SP1 RU 6 in coexistence.  The BES service mailbox is sitting on an Exchange 2010 database that is a member of a DAG.  The BES server delivers mail to Blackberries with mailboxes on both Exchange 2003 and Exchange 2010.  

Question: If we were to perform a database switchover against the database where the BES mailbox resides, would there be any outage for the Blackberry users?  Both Exchange 2003 and Exchange 2010?  


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Depends on your CAS configuration. If it is the same array servicing the new copy of the database, BES should continue as normal. CAS provides the MAPI endpoint which won't change irrespective of the location of the database.

If you have a different namespace (different AD Site), then you may have to re-initiate BES connection to the new CAS array.


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Thanks for your response Nenadic.  It's the same array/namespace servicing the new copy of the database, however, the BES MAPI profile on each of the BES servers points to a hardware load balancer.  The hardware load balancer then proxies connections to the CAS servers based on least connection count.  With this setup, is there the potential for an outage?  

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As long as the connection is still to the same hardware load balancer - there should be no problem. Basically, the CAS array name resolves to VIP on hardware load balancer. So, if only the database copy changes, it will still be the same CAS servers accessing it and fronted by the same VIP on LB.

answered 2011-12-02 at 07:31:54

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