I have used a million tools to optimize my MP3 collection. Now it has been a long time since I used these tools but would like to update my MP3 collection:
-it should rename case: f.e. MP3 Abba_Super_Trooper_19xx
-it should get album art and set the wright tag

Thanks for your input!

Note: I have already most of my MP3's tagged and put in folders like pop, relax ... there is a tool like media jukebox in which you can adjust the genres but then I still have to manually move the MP3's to the right folder.
I just want to automatically tag them and then drag them to a folder in which they automatically get the "genre" tag of the folder ...

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2 Answers:
try winamp
drop your mp3 on then highlight them while highlighted r/click them and more info
see the auto tag below
I would  try one first so you see how long i ttakes, if you do a ton in one go may cause your system to lockup or simply not respond anymore
just do a few at a time say around 5 or 10
Here's an example using mine, it uses Grace notes ok


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it should get album art and set the wright tag <<  this maybe a problem if you didnt purchase them
WMA or audio CD will get the album art through gracenotes because they are DRM, digital rights managed.
Winamp offers the id 2 tags as well
 the only way to get this now is to pay for the tools they all connect to Amazon or Gracenotes or QT Real Networks etc.
Tag&Rename - music files tag editor not free
If your up for a read  this explains the changes from the old days of free to now kind of
How to use 'Album Artist' tags to organise your music collection

answered 2011-10-28 at 00:37:19

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