I want to use wifi device for local LAN in home for the Apple TV, iPhone 4s, Windows PC, Laptops, iPad 2 etc all are hungry devices while video or music or photos streaming with AirPlay etc.

At present DLink ADSL modem that taken with broadband connection is getting heated up very fast, and getting rebooted. For Internet connection I like to keep this present wifi ADSL modem, but for internal LAN to share the video and other contents across machines/devices, planning to purchase a high efficient and high bandwidth wifi device.

Please suggest a good wifi device, that can sustain and perform well for long run.

Need make & model name of the device for home use, and reason why is it best, you feel.

Thank you.

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I like Apple's AirPort Extreme. I'm using it at several of my customer's (small) offices and have almost no issues with it. They just made new models that are supposed to be faster:

If you need ADSL routing too, I like this brand:
Their routers work fine and are versatile. I'm using one myself and like it a lot. And you can configure what devices or applications should get priority. I don't know if these are sold where you live.
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I use a Linksys E3000 and flashed it with DD-WRT. It has 32MB ram for swap space, dual band(2.4 and 5Ghz) antennae. It has 4 gigE lan ports, USB for hdd or printer support. Wifi supported is 802.11b/g/n.

The router supports QOs, and many, many other advanced features, if you need it.
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These are expensive routers but very good.

First router has 3 Antenna

Asus RT-N16 : Multi-Functional Gigabit Wireless N Router
    Powerful CPU provides a high-performance throughput
    Support up to 300,000 sessions for extensive P2P clients.
    Most widespread application with USB2.0 port : All-in-1 printer server and FTP files sharing
    Ultra-fast and Convenient Downloads with the Revolutionary Download Master
    Compatible with Open Source Code
Asus RT-N13U : 300mpbs WiFi Router with USB
Dlink DIR-655 : Xtreme N Wireless Broadband Router
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