I had anonymous user FTP site using Server 2008 IIS 7.5. I am hoping to securing the server better I had before. I have a friend update files to and from the ftp site to update the web sites he creates for fun hosted on the server 2008 from his apple mac using a client ftp (not windows).

Recently i purchased a certificate from godaddy and I was hoping to create a secure ftp with using port 443 instead of 80 but I can not access the ftp site i created.

Please note IP address hosts many websites

asked 12/15/2011 01:30

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Port 80 and port 443 are for HTTP and HTTPS traffic.... FTP uses 21 for the session and 20 for ftp data.

To secure ftp with a certificate is possible but the port will either be 21 or 990.

Have a look here for more information:

Perhaps this guide can assist you in setting up your site correctly:

Hope this helps.


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