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I have two workflows attached to the forms library.
One of them is fired when a new item is added and the other one is fired when an item is updated in the forms library.
Workflow 1 works fine with some actions.
Now, in workflow 2 I want to check a field value. If it is not empty then I want to put workflow 1 and the associated task list as completed.


asked 03/28/2011 08:39

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Can you not just have one workflow that fires when an item is added OR updated, and just use branching logic to determine the actions that are to be followed?

That way, you wouldn't need to worry about how to "hook" into the on start workflow.

You COULD have a hidden checkbox field "Is first time run" on the forms library, that defaults to blank, then the workflow checks this to determine the path to follow i.e. on the first pass (create), the checkbox is ticked and the On Create actions are followed; on subsequent passes, a different set of actions (On Change) actions are followed.



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