We have Cisco 520 VOIP telephone system. Some users have complained that the on hold Volume is too high.

A. How do I bring down the volume for the on hold music, ??

B. What other options do I have for the on hold music. I think you can connect an external mp3 player as well if you wanted your own music or even some type of audio that would advertise services about our business.

C. Can I also change the on hold music so something else as well besides the default cisco one?

asked 10/05/2011 02:15

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This document answers all your questions:

But to summarize for you:

A.   The volume level of a MOH file cannot be adjusted through Cisco IOS software, so it cannot be changed when the file is loaded into the flash memory of the router. To adjust the volume level of a MOH file, edit the file in an audio editor before downloading the file to router flash memory.

B.   You can use an external Audio source (Link shows how)

C.   You can change the audio file used to something other than the default cisco one (Link shows how).


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where the actual files available located on the router? i cannot find them!

answered 2011-10-05 at 11:10:31

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