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I appear in google products but not in the correct place

Do I need to create a store on google in order to get to this page

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I made a Google search for the title of this question, "create a store on google products" and got what looks like all the right answers.  One of them says: "New! Create an online store in minutes with the Google Checkout store gadget. Watch video."

One possible issue... If you're selling the Canon EOS 7D camera body, you are not exactly alone in the universe.  A Google search for "buy Canon EOS 7D" turns up 6,250,000 results.  At least a few hundred of these are savvy online merchants with big advertising budgets.  The camera business is a low-margin commodity business with high advertising costs.  I would bet that the top merchants on any site, be it Google, Yahoo, Amazon, EBuyer, PriceGrabber, etc., are paying top dollar for their page rank.  That is the way the camera business is done these days.


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