Create drop down List for which data source will be from another excel file.
i.e. we heve to create a drop down list on excel file1. and the data is inexcel file 2.

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You can insert a combobox and with file 2 open you can select the inputrange for the combobox in file 1from the list in file 2.
However, when you close file 2, the combobox will loose the connection.
So, if you can have file 2 open when working in file 1, you're ok.

If that is not possible or desireable, you should link the list from file 2 into file 1.
Then you can set the inputrange for your combobox to the linked list in file 1 itself.


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You can Achieve this by naming the range of cells that hold the values you want to use in your drop-down list. You give it a name let's say List.
Then you do the following. In the Workbook  where you want to create a drop-down list, you first create a new name. You can do this by using Name manager. The new name should be something like =NameOfTheWorkbookWithTheNamedRange.xlsx!List So the name of the workbook in which you have a named range called List. Also it is important that the name of the workbook is followed by the exclamation mark.
Let's say that the name you gave to this is MyDropDown.
Than you start up Data validation, select List from Allow. Under Source, you write =MyDropDown
Should work just fine.

Good luck.

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