I'm trying the instructions at to create separate disk space alerts for the C: and D: drive on an SBS2003 server.

Although I can create the alerts in Core Server Alerts, they do not show up in the performance counters tab within the alert notifications section of the server management.

Subsequently, I get spurious emails saying the one or both of the drives is running low on disk space, but this is nonsense as there is plenty of space left.

I need to be able to specify the thresholds.

Any ideas?

asked 12/13/2011 07:31

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Hi, there are other ways to monitor disk and other resources on an SBS , even better than the built in SBS features. Exchange 2003 has a built in monitor feature that can monitor disk utilisation as well as services and CPU usage. You can access this in Exchange System Manager on your SBS.

As a best practice monitoring from the server you are monitoring is not a good idea, for obvious reasons. SBS monitoring is a good thing, it does give a lot of usefull information that needs to be analysed however it does relay on its own components to send you alerts.

Nagios do some really good monitoring applications, take a look at Nagios Core.

I'm guessing that as you use SBS you have physical servers only so to implement this all you need is some hardware that can run Fedora Linux, just download a Fedora Spin and run it up on a PC then follow the articles on Nagios to install Core. It's all well documented so even if you are not into Linux it should not put you off. This monitors your SBS, through a Windows agent and it can monitor disk usage and service health amongst other things and if you start getting into Nagios you will see that it does support SNMP. As you may know SNMP is vendor and hardware Independant which means that this has the potential to monitor more than just your SBS.... You could even get an admin alert if your printer is about to require a new toner cartridge.

I realise that this info does not answer your original question but I thought you might find it interesting.



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Thanks for that. I don't have any spare hardware for the Linux, but I have set up monitoring using Exchange. Sadly, it can only monitor free space in MB rather than as a percentage, but hopefully it will work.

answered 2011-12-15 at 00:20:46

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