Our current print server is a Windows 2003 R2 Standard Active Directory server in a Windows 2008 AD environment. We have deployed a new Windows 2008 R2 Sp1 Enterprise server. Our legacy Windows 2003 server is in full production.
What are my options or what would be best practices for bringing the current production printers, which we use daily, Online with my new Windows 2008 print server.
Currently all of our departments have their own GPO that we push their printer with.

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What are the client computers running?  Are you currently deploying via Group Policy policies or preferences?


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This is the way I would approach it.  Install the printers on the new server and share them.  Then deploy them using one of two methods; either
1) add the printer connections to your existing GPOs used for printer deployment, or
2) create new GPOs for the new printer connections and link appropriately
When a period of time has passed so that you are sure everyone has gotten the newly deployed printer connections, depending on the method you used above,
1) delete the old printer connections from the GPOs, or
2) unlink the old GPOs
Either one involves some tradeoff in the amount of work needed to set up, but I think #2 would be more easily reversible in case of any issues.  Of course, this doesn't take care of the setting of the default printer.  Either your users will have to set this manually, or you can investigate the use of Group Policy Preferences.  I have been meaning to take a closer look at GPP for exactly this reason.
If you have Win7 clients, you should be good to go, but if you have WinXP, then there's the added involvment of PushPrinterConnections.exe.

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