We are disappointed in our recent purchase of Google TV  At least so far we are.  The programing seems disconnected at best.  There is supposed to be something called the Queue for Google TV that is supposed to pull much of the content together for you via a subscription but all we see when we press play, whether from the device or from a computer, despite being logged-in, are the words "private.".  Has anyone had any success with Google TV or understand how to fully implement the Google Queue service?

asked 11/25/2011 10:08

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I think you should contact their support:
Or; we at least need to know which GoogleTV device you purchased?


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Thanks.  I will be sending this Google TV by Logitech thing back unless I can figure out how to make it work seamlessly with a DVR.  I have framed a new semi-related question here >>

answered 2011-11-26 at 07:48:14

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