We have a working linux C gsoap client application we are attempting to migrate to Windows under Visual Studio 2008.

The application compiles, links, and runs under Windows, however the soap call response is truncated on Windows but is not on linux.  We have shrunk the application down to the minimal soap call possible, and the code works under linux but not windows for identical soap requests.  The soap response headers show that the response from the server has calculated the full response (correct content length) but on the windows side the response is consitently truncated in the RECV.log file in the exact same place each time.  The full content length is around 20k but it is truncated much earlier than that.  (The SENT.log file has recorded a correct request on the windows machine).

I can only assume something is happening with the socket, but am unable to tell what is setup wrong.

The soap connection is being created with the SOAP_IO_KEEPALIVE and SOAP_IO_CHUNK flags.

asked 10/27/2011 05:47

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Please provide some code sample showing how the soap call is initiated, and how your code handles the response. Also, if possible, please provide the code that saves the response to RECV.log


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Problem solved by recompiling the code under VS2005 instead of VS2008 and the issue resolved itself. Go figure.

answered 2011-10-27 at 17:04:58

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Fixed it


answered 2011-10-28 at 10:25:40

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