Every time I try to connect to a web service I'm never sure if I should use SOAP 1.1 or SOAP 1.2.  I will appreciate anyone's feedback.


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Ask the publisher of the web service for an example showing how to connect to the web service.  There is no more certain way.  And if the publisher can do it, ask them to expose a REST API instead of SOAP.  You can learn more than you ever wanted to know about REST here.

In a nutshell, a REST interface implements a simple design, much like the WWW.  Each request is atomic and complete and each response is complete and usually instantaneous.  It is a stateless protocol.  A good example of a RESTful interface is the Yahoo Geocoder.

In my experience, I see the landscape littered with complicated, confusing and failed SOAP requests.  I have never seen a REST API that you couldn't understand immediately.

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