I bought a new Cisco ASA 5505, and i've just configured VPN access on the router.
Then I was trying to download the Cisco VPN client (Both anyconnect and the other that uses IPSEC), but I was not able to download them from Cisco webpage.

So do I first have to buy the router, and THEN seperate VPN clients? Wasn't it 2 client in the package?

I have cisco anyconnect clients.pkg in the flash memory of the router, but can I use those?

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Cisco IPSec Client normally comes with the ASA, on a CD ... if not, contact your reseller, or TAC ... by owning the ASA, you do have the license to use the VPN client ...
As for Anyconnect - unless you purchased the license, it's not part of the Firewall. ASA comes with two licenses for SSL VPN though ... with Anyconnect license, everything you need is delivered from the ASA, no need to download from somewhere separately ... (if you want/need Anyconnect, the license is something like 100$ or so for an ASA5505)


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I found anyconnect client on the CD that was delievered with the ASA.

I followed a step to step guide how to setup a VPN, but when I try to connect with the anyconnect client it says unable to process respons from IPNUMMER.

Should I write a new topic or can we contineu on this one?

answered 2011-11-01 at 09:58:49

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Please do check the license output from your firewall to confirm you can use AnyConnect:

on shell, do "show ver". If AnyConnect is available, you should have this line:

AnyConnect Essentials          : Enabled

answered 2011-11-02 at 06:30:13

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I looked into the license detalis on the ASDM.

It says: AnyConnect Premium Peers      2      perpetual
BUT: AnyConnect Essentials      Disabled      perpetual

Other VPN Peers      10      perpetual
Total VPN Peers      25      perpetual

So can I use anyconnect on the computers, or what does that mean?
And if not, what VPN clients can I use?


answered 2011-11-02 at 11:55:29

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"AnyConnect Premium" seems to be the "new name" of the SSL VPN, which is the web portal type VPN ... which as such isn't a "real" VPN, at least not tunnel, but rather a proxy-type web access as well as limited internal application access.

You can always use the IPSEC VPN client, there is no special license required for that ... check the CD; it should also contain the "old" VPN client ... otherwise, contact Cisco TAC in case it is not available with the package ... as it is a licensed product, I doubt it is available without a SMARTnet ...

answered 2011-11-03 at 01:36:05

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