I am looking for software that can display a photo in a full screen slide show, but allows for custom timings for each photo. Software should be similar to ACDSee or irfanview with similar slideshow capabilities.

Let me know what you know of.


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Have you thought about powerpoint if you have it.
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I like the idea. I haven't played with the Timings feature of PowerPoint (2007), is there an easy way to set up the times of all slides without having to individually show each slide with the Rehears Timings tool?

Also, how will PowerPoint handle about 300 to 400 slides of photos, or up to 100mb of content?
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Did you try "Fotoangelo" which is an ACDSee product?

It's a complete software and has the ability to make both slide show and screen saver plus adding a background music !

Download Link:

And if you're looking for free ones you can try "Screen Savers To Go" which is a free software to make picture slide show in screen saver format.
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Of course power point is capable of doing such a thing but it has some disadvantages :

1) It's not designed for picture slide show and it's for presentations.

2) If you wanted to run the slide show in another PC which doesn't have "Microsoft office"  installed or the installed version is different than your slide show version you can't run it !

3) You can not integrate your music file into the power point slide show and it must go beside your slide show file.
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Great solution.

PowerPoint 2007 has a tool to automatically import photos and create a slideshow. Times can be set by selecting all slides and changing the after transition time.
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