I haven't been able to get a solid answer from the vendor on this so I was hoping someone here may be able to answer this. If I am receiving an integrated Voice/Data PRI that terminates at a channel bank where voice and data split. The channel bank then hands off data to a cisco device with x amount of data channels and then voice is handed off to another device. Would the data handoff from the channel bank to a cisco router coming from the dsx port on the channel bank just use a wic-1dsu-t1 card or does it need an isdn/pri card?

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the normal setup would be a T1 WIC and not a PRI card.  The data output from an integrated V/D PRI is generally "clear channel" bandwidth.  The voice system might need to be a PRI if setup with a T1 / PRI interface, but if the voice is going to a channel bank, then it is unnecessary to have a PRI from the carrier.  The only time the Cisco device would need a PRI card would be if the D-channel from the carrier PRI was pointed to the Cisco router (one of the assigned channels) and used for some type of voice related services.  


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Great explanation. That is along the lines of what I was thinking and I know that the voice will be splitting off to a pbx system that another vendor handles, so the D channel should be pointing there then. Thanks again!

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