I am using eg admin content management software to upload images to the company website and it displays the message
' a script on this page is cuasing internet explorer to run slowly.  If it continues to run your machien may become unresponsive.

any ideas?

asked 11/10/2011 10:57

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3 Answers:
it means a poorly written upload control that is blocking while the upload is in progress.. these must be large images.. or a poor upload speed .


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This was plaguing some people in Facebook recently because of the plethora of scripts that it loads and because of the http vs https mess-up whereby some scripts failed to load.

There is a way to reset the time-out interval used to determine how long Internet Explorer waits until it tells you that the script is taking too long:
(also just google the error for loads more pages that probably suggest the same "tweak")
... BUT that isn't getting to the root of the problem which you will have to investigate using something like Internet Explorer's inbuilt "Development Tools".

answered 2011-11-11 at 19:23:24

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