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I support the Marketing and Communications group at my job and they have circulation iPads.  All a person has to do is sign one out and they can use it for a period of time.  Unfortunately, this often leads to locked iPads needing to be wiped, other people's info being available to people that it doesn't belong to, etc etc.

I'm pretty sure we're not the only group that's done something like this.  What I'm after is suggestions or best practices on how to handle multi person use iPads.

All info is greatly appreciated.

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I recommended _against_ them for this and other reasons.  The iPad is a personal entertainment device.  It cannot handle multiple users.  It cannot handle standard modes of software licensing...each "user" needs an iTunes account and credit card.  It falls short in any number of ways as a computing device.

I spend way too much time supporting overly large TV show and movie downloads and constant switches between users.

But, just as I had to provide tech support for the pinball machine in the customer lounge, I must support these toys.  I don't envy your position.

My recommendation is to assign an iPad to an individual only.  Make them pay for what they want and submit reimbursement requests for "company" material.  That way, excessive play time charges will go to the individual user.  It would be better as a BYO style, rather than a corporate asset.

I'd love to see how others handle this as well.  My techniques of growling and scowling don't seem to work.  ;)


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>>  It falls short in any number of ways as a computing device.

Agreed, but there is a way around this. Al's right in that the iPad is really designed to be a personal device and is best used by a single person for a period of time.  But you can do some things with it to approximate a shared device. You can use the iPhone Configuration Utility to set it up with certain purchased apps pre-installed and turn off other options (like the App Store or iTunes) via ICU and parental controls so it does function better for you.  While you will never fully be able to lock it down, when you get it back all you need to do is reset it and resync to get the base state back.


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And see this Question, for how to hook a bunch up to the same machine at once for syncing/charging.

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One thing I did was have the Project Mgr of my group come up with an account for the Apple ID that is generic and doesn't have a credit card attached to it.

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