My iPhone is a 4G running IOS5

Is there any way to setup sound profiles. For example during the day have all alerts on but at night set the device to phone only. Blackberry has this feature and I think it's great and quick to use.

asked 10/15/2011 02:16

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You can if you have jail broken your phone and not upgraded to iOS5.

Auto silent is the App on Cydia I use that allows you to setup profiles and auto-switch between them and it works brilliantly.  Since upgrading to iOS5, it doesn't work, but I am hopeful that they will update it soon.
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alanhardisty's not jailbroken and i already upgraded to IOS5
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I've not found anything from the Apple App store unfortunately that does the same thing (yet).

If you decide to jailbreak to get this working, then wait and monitor the software for changes / upgrades to work with iOS5, then make the decision.  I have not looked back since jail breaking mine :)
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