I have a drop menu and the content in the drop menu is pulled from a MySQL database.

I also have a list of printers on my page which is also pulled from a MySQL database. I would like the list of printers to update based on the value in the drop menu.

I understand how to do using php and reloading the page, however I would like to do it using jquery so there is no need to reload the page.

I'm not sure how to do this can you please show me an example?

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so create a php page called get_printer_list.php or similar, the only thing this page should do is take a parameter, run a query to your database to get the printers that match the parameter and then loop through the result and echo it to the page in either xml or json format.

You will call the above page in your ajax action, passing it the parameter that will return the correct result for whatever was selected in your first drop down menu.

In the success function of the ajax call you would remove all current items from the printer dropdown and then parse the xml/json you received back from the ajax call and populate the printers dropdown with that information.

so first drop down box, onchange calls a function that makes the ajax call.
ajax returns and calls it's success function
the success function deletes all items from the printers drop down, reads the result of the ajax call and puts that into the new combobox.

found a good resource with code examples, don't want to repost someone elses work and why recreate the wheel:


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Thanks for your help

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