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Procedure that I followed:
1. Downloaded the Templates for Account; Contract and Contract Lines.
2. Populated itr accordingly with the records that belong to each customer.
3. Put the three files in a zip file
4. Started the import  by taking the Import Data Icon and selected the zip file
5. Selected the Default of (Automatic Mapping) on the "Select Data Map" Window
6. On the next window the maps displayed the Green Rightmarks against each file(Accounts; Contracts and Contract Lines)
7. Only imported the account record
7.1 Gave Failure on the Contract Record " The requested record was not found or you do not have asufficient permissions to view it.
7.2 Thus the Contract Lines were not created.
8. Imported the contract file on its own - Created the contract and linked it to the correct account.
8.1 Imported the contract lines file now - ended in error - Description is "an expected error occurred Error Code is 0x80040217.
9. Put the contract and contract lines files in a zip file.
9.1 Do steps nr 4 to 6 above.
9.2 Created the contract but did not create the contract lines - Contract Lines failure with the following error "An unexpected error occurred" Error Code 0x800440216.
In CRM 4:
- In CRM 4 I exported the contracts to obtain the GUID to link it accordingly to the contract lines for import. The contract lines had a column that you can use to populate with the GUID of the contract.
- In MS CRM 2011 how do I go about to get these contract lines imported.
- I have attached the three files : Accounts; Contracts and Contract Lines.
Thanking you in advance for your assistance in this regard.
Pierre Eksteen.
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  • Accounts; Contracts and Contract Lines Files

    asked 12/15/2011 08:03

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    Hello Pierre -

    Unfortunately I am unable to open your files. However, my initial thought is that you may need to explicity edit the default mapping that occurs to set exactly what the referential lookups between the files map to (as far as fields).

    In the data maps, columns are mapped to fields in the system - which is handled automatically when you use templates because the column names will match the fields exactly. However, in the case of Lookups, you can also define what attributes within the related entity to map to.

    For instance, if in the Contracts file you have a column that maps to the Account, will the data in that column map to the Account Name or Account ID or some other field on the Account?

    It may be that the default field being mapped for your lookups does not match the data you have in that column. This can be adjusted by editing the automatic mappings for your data.

    As a side note, there should be nothing in Contracts or Contract Lines that are dependent upon the Account file. For this reason, I would recommend importing Accounts as a single file first, then Contracts, then Contract Lines to simplify things. Generally importing via a zip file is used when there are bidirectional dependencies between the files, such as Accounts with Primary Contacts and Contacts with Parent Accounts. So one file cannot be imported without the other.


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    Sorry, that last paragraph was a little backwards. I mean the Account file should not be dependent upon the Contract or Contract Lines files... etc.

    answered 2011-12-16 at 05:29:53

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    Thank you very much!!! You guide me towards the solution for this challenge.
    The lookup between contracts and contract lines that you need to use to link (map) the contract lines to the applicable contract is the Contract Name Field on Contracts. You need to add a column to the "Template for Contract Line Imports" called "Contract". Populate the column name "contract" on the contract line template with the value of Contract Name on the Contract. Import the contracts and then the contract lines.
    Thank you very much again processquru.
    Kind Regards.

    answered 2011-12-16 at 05:31:33

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    Glad I could help :)

    answered 2011-12-16 at 12:36:40

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