We have a client with a Central office (SiteA) plus 5 outer offices (each site has an AD server plus a MS Exchange server - Exchange 2010 at main site plus Exchange 2003 at outers).

All external incoming mail routed to a Websense server in SiteA which then scanned and sent scanned mail to Exchange at SiteA, which then routed to each server as necessary. Each Exchange server sent outgoing mail to the Websense server which then sent it to the ISP's mailhost.

We're in the process of removing the Websense server to have email scanned externally.

Almost everything is working fine - all outer offices send external outgoing mail to the new mailhost via their SMTP connector, incoming mail gets scanned at the mailhost then sent to the Exchange server at SiteA for distribution.

The only issue we have is that one of the sites (SiteB) is still sending it's outgoing mail to the Websense server.

- The SMTP connector at every site is showing the correct address including SiteB
- All other routing works correctly (internal mails work, outgoing mail works)
- AD replication appears to be working correctly (created a test user at SIteA and it appears correctly at all sites including SiteB)
- We've restarted Exchange services and done a manual replication of AD

Can anyone advise on how to get the Exchange 2003 server at SiteB to actually send to the mailhost that it has in it's SMTP Connector?

asked 11/29/2011 02:45

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Check the SMTP virtual server for an outbound smart host. It can be set there separately of the connector


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#gcoltharp - Thanks for the reply, I've checked the SMTP Virtual Server and the Smart Host option is empty as per the other sites. I've also tried adding in the host to the Smart host option and this made no difference either.

answered 2011-11-29 at 10:58:42

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Additional info - have rebooted the Exchange server but no change. Changed the SMTP Connector to point back to the Websense server at one of the sites to make sure that the setting replicated correctly across all sites, which it did. Changed it back to point to the new mail host and this also replicated to all servers, but SiteB still sends it's mail to the Websense server (even though it's connector is pointing to the new mailhost).

As per 'gcoltharp' it looks like there's another setting somewhere for this particular server that is pointing outgoing mail to the Websense server and this is over-riding the SMTP Connector.

answered 2011-11-29 at 11:48:19

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Issue resolved - reinstalled Exchange 2003 SP2 which got everything working

answered 2011-11-29 at 12:21:28

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reinstalling exchange 2003 sp2 resolved the issue


answered 2011-12-14 at 00:42:22

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