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I am newbie to magix music maker.
I saw a virtual keyboard. How can I assign a track so I can use the keyboard ?


asked 11/26/2011 10:16

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I'm not familiar with this one but are you sure you saw a virtual keyboard and not just one of the elements that you use like ( PIANO)  built in?
Make sure you have all the latest plugins and downloaded all the sounds packs.
Look here best place for guides is Youtube
To use your PC keyboard that should be functioning straightup as part of the settings when you installed it.
To add tracks from a CD into the current project I'd say you import it then drag and drop onto the project board or the area you are working in.
 I suggest you become familiar with the interface read the guides.
Look in the Programfiles Magix Musicmaker PDF
 or here's the guide not a big help either
But if it's anything like  FL Studio and Ejay then that's how I did it,
and my keyboard played straightup.
They always make these tools look simple in the previews but it takes time to learn,
you get hooked but give yourself time and take breaks.
 sorry I have not used this one so cannot give step by step. I hope this assists you,
Googling as usual provides tons of stuff from users.
Start at Youtube that's how I learnt FL Studio


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