We have a client who wants us to build a PDF that has a navigation bar along the bottom (see photo). We’ve never seen this and wonder whether this is actually something that is built into the PDF or perhaps is just some 3rd party software that is on the person’s computer that took the screenshot? Have you ever seen this in PDFs? Is this something that is programmed into the PDF?
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  • PDF with navigation bar on bottom

See also the actual pdf if you want to open to see if it shows the nav bar on your computer:

    asked 11/18/2011 02:53

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    Hi rascal,

    Newer versions of FireFox will open a PDF natively and do not need Acrobat reader.  That nav bar comes from the browser, not the PDF.


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    I just upgraded my FireFox to the current version (8.0) and it's not showing the nav bar in the PDF. Is this a configurable option in FireFox's Tools->Options?

    answered 2011-11-18 at 11:10:32

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    Actually it looks like I had it only partially right.  It's a combination of the latest Adobe Reader Plugin and a newer browser but the engine comes from Acrobat Reader.  It's called Read Mod...

    answered 2011-11-18 at 11:24:20

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