I am seeking a good and very simple tutorial to help a cisco guy get his head around the Netapp experience.

Also any good tutorials and/or videos on SAN storage would be good.  I just passed my brocade BCFP exam hence I do know enough to be considered highly dangerous

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Starting with what's freely available:
NetApp’s channel on YouTube. Many business videos, with some deep dive technical presentations. Some videos of interest are:
•      VMware on NetApp Overview
•      Backup VMware in Seconds with SnapManager
•      5000 Virtual Desktops with 10 GBs in Minutes
•      The Pervasive Effect of Storage Reduction Technologies with VMware on NetApp - VMworld 2009
•      Integrating backup and DR with VMware SRM & NetApp SMVI
•      Reducing Capex & Opex with VMware View on NetApp
•      An Introduction to FlexPod for VMware
Another NetApp channel on YouTube.  Appears to be more of a marketing channel, videos with partners and partner programs.
Searchable, browsable library of technical whitepapers, customer success stories.


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