Two questions:

1. I have managed to customize my main ribbon bar just fine. How do I get rid of the "File" (aka Backstage) tab?

2. Even though I've customized the main ribbon, the child windows (ie New Email Message in Outlook) still has the full default ribbon. Any way I can make all window processes use the same custom ribbon I built?

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the File tab contains crucial elements for handling files, printing and application settings. Why would you want to get rid of that?

For what application have you customised the ribbon? Outlook has several ribbons for several different window types. You need to customise each one of them, not just the main window ribbon.

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I now have ALL the ribbon menus customized and working. So the $64,000 question is:

How do I REMOVE/HIDE the Backstsge File Tab? I want to get rid of it because all of its functions are now redundant and my user community has special needs to maintain the keystrokes they already know using office instead of learning the new scrambled way. Plus, since it is already named "File" I now have two file tabs next to each other.

I have seen some Access XML code to turn it off in Access, so I believe it can be done, but this is specifically for Outlook 2010.

answered 2011-11-11 at 17:47:12

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I think the easiest approach is to use office ribbon customization to hide that tab, and then share that customization with the user community.

Alternatively, your workbooks can have that customization - and the ribbon restores when the workbooks are closed.  There's a custom UI utility for this, and
Lots of tips here, depending on your need -


answered 2011-11-13 at 13:23:28

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you cannot "hide" the File Tab aka Backstage Tab without resorting to a whole lot of XML programming from what I've read so that's why I asked if there was an easier way. I've already looked into the customUI tool and workbook customizations but that has nothing to do with Outlook 2010.


answered 2011-11-13 at 13:28:34

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After trying a variety of things it appears to be true the backstage view cannot be disabled. Therefore, this question is closed and I award the points for an obvious answer.

answered 2011-11-17 at 10:41:28

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