Background:  Exchange 2007, Server 2008 R2.

Problem:  Users who have a multitude of subfolders are experiencing an issue in regards to the drop down list to see all their subfolders.  (by multitude, i'm mean WAY TOO MANY in my opinion)  When using OWA, not using the Light version, they have access to ALL of my subfolders in their Inbox.  However when they use the Light Version they only get about 600 of their subfolders (like I said, way too many in my opinion).
I tested this by having the same user access OWA, light and regular, from a PC.
One particular user is a mac user and can not access the regular OWA.

The question is this:  obviously there is a limit to the number of subfolders LIGHT version allows you to see.  Is there a way to increase that?

Thanks for the help.

asked 08/24/2011 03:18

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Asked: 08/24/2011 03:18

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