Hi all,

I am looking for some script that I can use on my projects to add backend functionality to them.

Something that I could reuse. Must have image upload functionality too.

Some script that has the basics ... Add / Edit / Delete / Upload ..

Does anyone know if there's anything available anywhere?


asked 12/17/2011 04:15

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Is there anything that has uploads included? Uploads can sometimes be a nightmare in my experience so I would prefare if it was integrated in the script.

answered 2011-12-18 at 00:36:20

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Not that I am aware of, however that is where some googleing is required, but that issue being that classes for Uploading and MySQL are in seperate catagories so to speak, as in they have nothing to do with each other so you will have difficulty finding a ready built class to do both things due to the lack of relation.

MySQL is database
File Uploading is file system related

Notwithstanding, if you are storing the files in that database then obviously there is a felationship, in which case it is a "simple" insert..

If you want a class to do it all, you will be "rolling your own"

Unfortunatle there is way too much information to put instructions straight on here so it's a case of reading/researching links...

answered 2011-12-18 at 00:52:41

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