Where can I find the roadmap or whatever which recommend me to patch or install fix and services packs on IBM products?
I mean from AIX, vioservers, tivoli*, and so on.

Is there any official doc?

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this is the AIX Release Strategy:

Here are the best practices:

A roadmap can be found in Fix Central in every TL area, e.g. here:

There is still FLRT:
The Fix Level Recommendation Tool (FLRT) provides cross-product compatibility information and fix recommendations on IBM products.

I'm not aware of any Service Roadmap for VIOS, but Fix central always has an overview on the most recent updates, e.g. here:

Best register with IBM support notifications.
They send newsletters informing about new/planned Fixpacks, TLs or Security Fixes and much, much more according to a profile set up by yourself, so you'll get informed timely.

If the above link doesn't work start from the IBM Support Portal and click "My notifications".

You could also consider registering with IBM Subscription Services.
They also do have much useful information:

Oh, Tivoli ..

This such a wide area!

Tivoli Release and Maintenance Info is here:

Tivoli also participates in the Notification Service I mentioned above. If you set up your profile accordingly you will get Tivoli info as well.

To get more info about single Tivoli products you should go to the appropriate Infocenter. They always have information about Updates/Releases:

Hope this helps a bit, have fun!


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There is an additional newsletter for TSM.

Send "Subscribe" in the subject to [email protected]

You'll get the " Valuable information to support your Tivoli Storage Manager software" newsletter regularly.
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very nice wmp... as always...

BTW, we;re going to create a new user on this forum.. I'll let you know..

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