I'm a newbie.  We're using a Polycom VSX 7000, software version 9, for video conferencing with other places.  We just had one with a couple of other sites via a bridged call that used an outside service.

We could only see the Powepoint presentation but not the presenter on the far ends.

Is this something that is controlled on my end?  
If yes, what is it that you need to do so that you can see both the presentation and the presenter?

I want to lean what you need to do so both the presenter and presentation can be seen on each end.  That is when someone at our location is giving a presentation the folks on the other ends can see both the presenter and presentation.  And vise versa.  And if this has a name what is it?

I've got the Getting Started Guide and the Admin manual.  The admin manual has a chapter that covers dual mode monitoring, and other topics, etc that I've read. This chapter comes the closest to covering this topic but if the info is there I'm not making the connection.

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Hi Hope i am getting the requirement you wanted correctly.
Far end is connected to you and the Far end is also sending presentation to you.
But you are not seeing the Presenter?

Maybe you want to check with the monitor 1 setting.
Because by default the setting, when you establish a video cal first. You will see the far end in the display and yourself in a small pip.
When the far end send content, the presnetation will take over the main video and you should see the pip becomes the far end display.

Check the monitor 1 setting that the
1)display near video is checked
2)display far video is checked
3) display presentation is checked.

Hope this helps.



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Thanks I will look into this tomorrow and get back to you.

answered 2011-11-22 at 02:38:22

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Sorry for the delay, it's going to be awhile before I can get back to this issue. I'll take your word that this is the solution.  Thanks for the feedback.

answered 2011-11-22 at 16:00:46

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