We are running a Dell Power Edge 800 on RAID1 .  Out of now where the server will just completely freeze up on us.   So I took the server down ran a Dell hardware diagnostic, and everything comes back fine.  

What is weird is when I put the server in a closed environment not on the network it works just fine, but once its actually in use , it freezes up.   I am thinking maybe its in periods of high disk activity ,  I am convinced it’s a hardware issue, as I have a VM of it running on the network and it runs fine.   Does anyone have any ideas on how I can isolate the hardware issue or any thoughts on it ?


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Surely you have some event log somewhere that can lend some insight into this.   "Completely freezing" is not descriptive enough,  like when it is frozen, can you still ping it, are lights on disks going or stopped, does mouse move?   What happens when / if it comes back.  Does the VM lock up AND virtual machines, etc.

Just not nearly enough info here .



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the VM runs completely fine

when it freezes , you cant move the mouse , you can not ping it , you can see what was on the screen and it does not come back

ill check event viewer for any errors but i didnt see any last time i looked  


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Good clue on networking.  Race / interrupt condition, etc on the NIC could account for this.  Is the NIC on the HCL list with approved drivers?   Maybe throw in a different NIC card.   Now a ping does depend on services running, so you might also look at the lights and see if they continue to flash when you have traffic.

So when it freezes, you have to reboot the VM, correct?  Then that would explain why no events are in the VM log.  


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The VM i made of it is working fine / no freezing   the physical power edge 800 is the one with the issues.   The physical box i found 1 event log that may give me some clue.  

"unexpected shutdown of this computer"
reason code 0xa000000

i found this on it but .. i dont know if this is the correct fix again because the VM is running fine


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