Hi guys. The last week i've had a problem when accessing sites like you tube. Doesn't matter if i use
i.e.8 or Firefox, the same thing happens: 1st of all, i have no other probs with internet connection.
Secondly this prob only came up last week and i cant beat it. When i access you tube or other similar sites, all is good until i go to watch a video as it is loading up, the web site cuts out and an info comes up saying "Problem with web site this tab has been recovered", it then tries to reload and cuts out again with info saying"we were unable to return you to you tube, ie has stopped trying to restore this website. It appearss that the website continues to have a problem". But none of my friends are having the same problem with the same sites-so ive done something bad. AGAIN!!!. Ive checked all my settings and even gone to the point of restoring default settings on i.e. and firefox. I even uninstalled both programs, redownloaded them and re-installed them. Still i have the same problem. If i'm quick enough i can download the video with orbit and it plays fine on my computer. I'm running Win XP SP3
and it is updated to current. Can anyone help me???
P.S. I have tried adding youtube to firewall and antivirus-didnt work....... Ive even jumped up and down
and swore a lot but now the neighbours just avoid me.

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5 Answers:
Uninstall the Flash and Shockwave player from Add/Remove Program and install them again to check if it works for you

Flash Player -
Shockwave player -

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Already uninstalled flash and shockwave and reinstalled them- still same prob
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Check your Add/Remove programs for any browser toolbars and uninstall all of them.

Download ccleaner and run the Cleaner and Registry portions of the program.

Download MalWareBytes, download updates, scan your system to make sure you aren't infected by something.

It sounds like you are using IE and Firefox.  Please make sure those have been fully updated.   Go ahead and reinstall the latest version of Firefox:   and use your Windows Update (Found in your Start Menu) to check for new updates.

If you found that your system is infected, some other really good tools to clean with:   Spybot Search & Destroy,  Lavasoft AdAware,  Microsoft Security Essentials,  AVG Free Edition (if you don't already have an antivirus.)
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Please boot into Safe mode with networking, and then try accessing YouTube. If it works, then the most likely culprit is a malware.
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