This is for a customer, I fix PCs and MACs for a living. I have not been onsite yet.

Customer has Linksys WRT600N router in basement and many wireless far ends (Laptops both PC and MAC and 2 original ipads and iphones (4 and 4 S) and ipod Touch's . Connection on 2nd floor is problem; on first floor no problem except for ipod Touch's. However he has ethernet cables in walls from basement near router to many rooms including to 2nd floor rooms.

Hence will THIS work. Get a Wireless Access Point (WAP) that is NOT a router and place it in 2nd floor room and connect it to router in basement via ethernet cable in walls. Then devices on 2nd floor connect to the WAP and those on first floor connect to router in basement.

PROBLEM Amazon writeup on Linksys WAPs says their function is to provide wireless capability for a WIRED router. That is NOT what I want !!! Essentially what I want is devices closer to WAP on 2nd floor connect to it AND devices closer to router in basement connect to it and the single router in the basement does ALL the routing.

Questions Please answer ALL or as many as you can:
 Can this be done ?  (If not suggest a better solution)

Does WAP need to be Linksys brand if router is linksys.

If router is WRT600N (W-N) capable and my idea works will the WAP **ALSO** be W-N capable  (for longer distance connections or greater speed at shorter distances)

Note: I believe the iPad is W-N capable but the iPhones and ipod Touch are not, The laptops I do not know the answer as I do not have the model numbers yet. But if I can put a 2nd wireless source (WAP) on the 2nd floor it becomes irrelevant as even W-G would probably work as the distance from the device to the closest Wireless source will not be far.

NOTE: This is a LARGE HOUSE, assume that horizontally the floors are large.

Final question: IF my plan (or your suggested alternative)will fly, please recommend a particular Linksys model (or compatible other brand) that will work well with no bugs and easy to set up. It can be more expensive as my customer is wealthy.

NOTE; Please do NOT suggest Netgear WireLine solutions because that technology REQUIRES that electric plugs near router and far end Netgear device (connected via electric wires in walls of house) be on THE SAME SWITCH BOX OR FUSE BOX and in a house this size it is unlikely the electric plugs in the basement and on the 2nd floor will be on the same box. And in any case if they are on the same box, I already am familiar with that technology. It just seems to me that I should take advantage of the ethernet cables in the walls.


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Cisco/Linksys WAP model number WAP4410N, I have had great success with this model, range is great, was able to cover an entire 10000 sq ft building with 1 unit. Backwards compatible with B/G, easy to setup.
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DoyonIT and other EE wireless experts:

DoyonIT:: Thanks for your reply BUT the choice of a model number is secondary. The QUESTION is whether ANY WAP will do what I want. Or do I need a wireless repater or amplifier ?

Only after THAT is anwered can we get to specific models. READ what I want the device to do AND REPLY as to what kind of device will do what I want. THAT is the question.


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Mike - I've copied and pasted a snipet of what you posted in your question below.

Mike writes - "Final question: IF my plan (or your suggested alternative)will fly, please recommend a particular Linksys model (or compatible other brand) that will work well with no bugs and easy to set up. It can be more expensive as my customer is wealthy."

I think DoyonIT was answering this portion of your question!! You might want to take it easy on him!

To answer the other portion of your question, yes you can put access points on the second floor and tie them into the router in the basement - this is exactly what an access point was designed for. Utilizing the existing cabling running to the second floor is a great choice. You will want to make sure each access point is on a different channel so you don't get interference. The computer will choose which signal is greater and connect automatically to the AP that best suits its needs. If the house is as big as you say, you could use 5 GHz access points and put 4 of them in and cover every corner of the house. With 5GHz, you have 23 non-overlapping channels!!
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Your answer is consistent with my other EE question at

which is more general (I did not limit solutions to WAPs I also mentioned Wireless repeaters, etc)

And your answer is less detailed BUT as I had two EE questions I will assign points to you AFTER I follow the detailed instructions at the other EE question (consistent with your more general reply) AND IT WORKS.

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As noted in thread see link to other EE question for a more complete solution with details.
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