We are two separate organisations that have set up two separate Exchange Servers in separate domains, (same LAN). We are however sharing the same (physical) meeting rooms.

1. Is it any way that we can accomplish that Users in Organisation B(exchange 2010) can reserve the Organisation A's(exchange 2003) Meeting Rooms, in this Exchange setup ?

2. If not, would it in any way be possible to establish an arrangement where users from org B can automatically schedule by emailing the resource, (if it is available).

3. If not will any other suggestion be more than welcome ;-)

asked 11/21/2011 12:17

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You would have to do a Galsync, replicate the public folders and also have 2 way trust between the 2 organization to get the availability working between the 2 orgs

these will help you doing the same

IORepl and Exchange 2010 SP1
Also refer this thread as this has some good information related to your question please..



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