I am developing professional programming video tutorials ( around 3000 videos ) and I dont want to host it in youtube or any other sharing site. One main reason is it will be easily downloaded. My moto is to develop and host on my own site without getting downloaded.

My first problem of not allowing to download is been solved. I am using wowza media server which has RTMPS option, disallowing users to download the video. But since I am buying hosting space and wowza media server I have a huge expenditure to be shelled out every month.

And hence I would like to have ideas on how to monetize and generate revenue from the site.

Please let me know.


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Here are a few ideas that come to mind:

1) Require a monthly subscription in order to view the videos on your website.  You can create short teaser videos for a logged out version of your website, say 30 second teasers.  At the end of the teaser, have a short segment telling the viewer they can see the rest of the video and many others by paying for the subscription.

2) Similar to the subscription, bundle your videos into segments (Programming for Beginners, .NET, Java, etc). and sell them as seperate series.  This is similar to the language learning websites you see on the web.

3) You can join an affiliate network where you can pick and choose differet ads you place on your site. When your customer clicks on the ads and purchases a product, you would receive a revenue share of that product. This way, you can custom choose the companies you want to promote and convert well on your site.

4) Similarly, you can look into placing Google Ads on your website via Adsense.

Hopefully some of these ideas help

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