I have in place a 2008 R2 standard server running as our AD.  I am trying to implement Roaming profiles within a XP environment.  I have successfully had 3 users create their own folder and have set the GPO to add the Administrators group to the profile.  After the 3rd user is added no one else is able to create the folder on the server.  
The path is \\servername\roaming$\%username%
Permissions for the folder are everyone has full control of the share and each user has control of the folder that is created.  The permissions have not been changed within the folder.  I don't know if it is still a permission issue even though some work and some don't.  I am new to setting up roaming profiles so I don't know where to go from here.

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You can just configure the profile path for the user in their profile and let the system do the rest, this will ensure that the permissions are correct on the users directory.

Share permissions are full control which is fine, check the permissions on roaming$ (all permission check boxes ticked except full control for the everyone group, full control let's users change permissions and you don't want that) then each user should have the same permissions applied to their folder for them only and system defaults (except servername\users)

btw using "Authenticated Users" rather than "Everyone" is a little more secure



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I would also add on the NTFS security setting on the folder.  Creator/Owner to Full Control

answered 2011-12-13 at 01:18:18

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I have Checked permissions and they are as follows:
Creator Owner- nothing
System - Full Control
Administrators - Full Control
Users - Full Control

I have had 7 users successfully log in and create their profile but after that is stops.  I have tried deleting the user account and recreated it and that did not help.  I have Deleted the shared folder and recreated it and same results.  Why would it only let a certain number of people access the share and create their folder but not others.  The number of simultaneous connections is set to default (16,777,216).  Granted I don't have that users connection to this share.  I have exhausted all of my resources that I have.  I have looked at the Event Log also and there is no error messages stating that it cannot find the profile.

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By "nothing" you mean what exactly?  Are you checking permissions on the "share" or on the folder?  There's both and they're two different points of permission.

answered 2011-12-13 at 08:04:19

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The Share part of the folder has Everyone with full control.  The NTFS permissions are what is stated above.

answered 2011-12-13 at 08:22:12

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After researching some online I believe I have found out what our problem was.  .  That so far has taken care of our problem as of now.  It was actually a password issue.  The users were set to change password at next log in and that was causing the problem.   .  This also helped out in finding the problem.

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The article stated in my last comment was the underlying problem within our issues.


answered 2011-12-13 at 08:47:13

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