we have an SBS 2008 STD - SP2 Server and some problems with IPv6 registration of his own IPv6 address. If we look at the forward lookup zone on our domain there only the IPv4 registration for the SBS Server if i add the correct "AAAA" host and wait some minutes or restart the dns server the IPv6 entry is gone away.
The problem is that i need this entry für your mac os 10.7 clients because the "slow login problem" is solved by this. I also can add the IPv6-Adress to the Host-file of all Macs but it would be nicer if
the dns server could resolve the ipv6 address of the sbs 2008 server.
Does anybody know why the manual added AAAA record will be deleted ?
Thank‘ s for any help!!!
Matthias Nyendick

asked 11/27/2011 06:57

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3 Answers:
try amending the IPs that DNS responds on, as this should automatically add the IPv6 address and will not remove it.
DNS manager > Right click <servername> Properties > interfaces

Also ensure the IPv6 address is static and not DHCP assigned.


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I checked this but all addresses are static ( ip4 and ip6 incl. Settings of dns wins...

answered 2011-11-28 at 03:33:12

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irrespective of addresses being static, is the DNS SERVER service set to respond on the IPv6 addresses?

If yes, there is a serious problem as the server should never remove it's own DNS receiving address.
i recall there was an ipv6 issue prior to SP2 so check what service pack you are on and update if necessary.

answered 2011-11-28 at 04:02:09

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