I reloaded a server 2003 machine.  This machine hosts a web based (Classic ASP) CRM that sends email via smtp.  This code currently works from another 2003 server on the same network and worked prior to the server crashing.  However, on this new rebuild, mail sent to my local exchang server goes to the bad mail folder. Mail sent Outside my domain ( is delivered succesfully.  Can you think of anything that might cause this ?

asked 12/09/2011 01:56

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Have you set up your smtp server?

My understanding is you got iis, look for default smtp virtual server.

Right-click on it, click on Properties, click on Access tab, click on Relay.

Then you should see Access Granted to

That's how we are setup.

If you are using code, you need to grab the outlook exchange server address and use that as your smtp server.


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thanks for the suggestion...

answered 2011-12-09 at 10:17:24

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