I have just opened an iTunes account.
I copied a load of old MP3 file that I had bought and loaded these into my iTunes. All fine so far.

However, when I try to SYNC my playlist , I get the error;
"Some of the items in the iTunes library including "xxxxx" could not be copied to the iPhone because they could not be found"

Therefore I am unable to transfer my legitimately bought music onto my iPhone.  (Legitimately bought but not from iTunes).

asked 12/15/2011 06:35

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You say you "loaded the old mp3 files into iTunes."

How, exactly?  If you did, and they show up in your iTunes library, and you haven't moved the files since, iTunes should be able to find them.  What EXACTLY did you do?

Are the files showing up in the iTunes library?
Can you play them in iTunes?
You didn't delete the files after "loading them into iTunes," did you?
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Thanks akahan,

You have helped me resolved things!

I was using an external drive which I then had to dis-connect when I attached my phone for syncing.

I am not used to iTunes and had always assumed that the files were stored online rather than on my local drive.

Thanks again!
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