I am making some customizations to a Windows Embedded build I have that needs to be deployed to multiple countries, so the customizations must be done via code after Windows is already installed.

There are some default icons on the desktop that we delete for one particular build, and that leaves some icons kind of floating in the middle of the desktop. All I really need to do is sort them once by name and it resolves it. How can I achieve this through C# code? I am running Windows 7.

The exact action I am looking to perform is Right Click on Desktop > Sort By > Name. But I dont want to do this with Sendkeys or anything like that is it's too dangerous in this type of deployment.

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I am having trouble with touching my desktop icons in Windows 7, but this technique might work for Windows Embedded:

The documentation states that the ArrangeIconicWindows can arrange icons on the desktop.  and "To retrieve the window handle to the desktop window, use the GetDesktopWindow function."

see e.g.

no C# code, but that should just be 2 lines...

(The C++ program I used on Windows XP stopped working when I switched to 7)


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