I have a general question, why does it seem that backup exec has more job failures then any other backup software?  It seems as if a log file is missed we get a job failure.  Is it because of the complexity?  

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In my personal opinion Backup Exec is one of the best third party backup software on the market today.  I do think Backup Exec could change their wording in their backup reports.....failure to backup one file can cause a "Job Failure" it does not mean the entire job failed it just indicates that one file/folder  you were trying to backup was most likely locked by another application and BE could not create a backup image of the file.

I am not sure what type of environment  you are in or what type of log file you are referring to....but Backup Exec has great add-on agents for Oracle, Exchange and other applications.  I use BE in a multiple server environment with both Oracle and Exchange servers that require the servers are up and running 24/7 and it works great.

What type of log file are you referring to and what application is creating the log file?


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We use Backup Exec as well.... A job fails could cause by several reasons and it is hard to pinpoint to the exact cause but most of the time, you could tell from the error log.  Having said that not all error log could give you the correct answer since the error could be my multiple sources; especially when you are backing databases and Exchange.  In addition, there could be software or hardware or the combination of both.  Your backup server relies on everything that works and if one thing fails, the job will fail.

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