dear sir

i have need to creat a rule on TMG 2010 about denied all the applications on pc to connect to the internet & get updates like ( Adobe Acrobat - Some Antivirus engines - etc....) and allow only for some internet browsers to request from the TMG server like ( internet explorer -firefox-......etc)
anyone have an idea for what i can do this with TMG????

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Sorry - I have absolutely no clue what you are asking for here.


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dear keith

thanks for your reply

i want to add a rule to deny the users who have applications always connect to the internet and get updates you know like Adobe Acrobat for example and allow only the client agents like internet explorer or firefox browsers to connect to the inetrnet so i mean the browsing only

answered 2011-06-08 at 22:11:31

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TMG can use the HTTP filter to block content based on certain signatures but I don't think it has the ability to perform the opposite which is allowing only content which contains a certain header.  For instance, we didn't want anyone to be able to use Firefox on the network to browse the internet so we blocked it using it's User-Agent request header it passes when requesting content from the Internet.  You could do the same for each application you are trying to block but it would require you either finding someone that has already done it for that particular application or capturing the traffic via a network sniffer and finding a unique request header you use to block it.  Here's a reference of common signatures for some apps.

Here's a link that discusses how to configure the signatures in the http policy:


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well you can denied those websites whose application you do not want to update

or you can do by using signature

you can also block the updates link on client host file and easily with group policy ........


Osama Mansoor

answered 2011-06-09 at 07:09:16

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