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I have an application that appears to run extremely slow when it is in one environment such as my work environment but when it runs on my home pc it runs great.  I have been using some tools like process explorer and checking the task list to see if something is hogging all the cpu. Sometimes it looks like its antivirus software but other times the antivirus is not eating cpu. Is there something I can use that will tell me if my application is being directly affected by another application such as if it is being scanned, analyzed etc. that could be crippling its performance? I am using Windows XP 32bit.

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its could be a dependency issue.
for example, the program might be dependent on. net or c++ or something that works better on your desktop; whereas you workstation may have errors or incompatible version of the dot net , c++ or whatever your program depends on.

can you identify anything in specific that your program depends on?
for example: if your program depends on dot net framework, you could attempt repairs of dot net framework on your work computer.

are all windows updates up to date?
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Hello ccsionline.
The program in question is an application written in Delphi. It is a single .exe file that has no runtime dependencies. Patches and updates are current.
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@zonkerman -
What AV/Security applications are you running?
Most of them have specific instructions for 'ignoring' another application.
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