I'm a Visio noob. I'd like to create diagram describing email aliases such that:

- every username can be in multiple groups
- groups can be nested
- one groups can belong to multiple groups

The standard "Organizational Diagrams" don't seem to quite fit the bill.

What type of diagram would be appropriate?


asked 11/27/2011 07:44

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You're right about the org chart template -- it's designed strictly for hierarchical relationships so it won't work for the many-to-many relationships you want to depict.

I don't know whether there is a preexisting template that will meet your needs but there could be... can you provide a sketch of what you're looking for? An example would help in visualizing what you're trying to achieve.



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A sketch? Well, a guess that's a part of my question - what kind of diagram is appropriate for these kinds of data relationships. I would think that creating diagrams of this kind of data is relatively common - I'm wondering what the other guys do.

I can imagine a diagram starting with a top level hierarchy, with shared sub-containers represented as links, something like that.

Sorry for being so vague.

answered 2011-11-28 at 06:19:37

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I'm not familiar with the type of diagram you have in mind -- doesn't mean they don't exist -- but I haven't had that need so I haven't looked for that style of drawing.

Visio 2010's Software and Database template group includes: Data Flow Diagram, Data Flow Model Diagram, Database Model Diagram and a few others but I don't think any of them are what you need.

My suggestion is to ask the moderators to add additional zones to this question because someone involved with managing email might have a better idea. If you click the "Request Attention" link above, you can ask the mods to add zones like Email servers, or perhaps system/network management.

answered 2011-11-28 at 12:26:59

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