We want to enable web filtering and automatically report newly installed
software on a number of laptops that are domain-joined but mostly used out of the office.

Specifically, we want to restrict access to harmful (malware etc.) and questionable (e.g. pornography) websites and also have a record (which is reported say once a week or when the user connects to the company VPN) listing any software which has been recently installed on the laptops.

There are of course a number of products on the market for this sort of thing, so I'm after any recommendations you may have based on experience of these products.

Thanks in advance!

asked 11/15/2011 01:09

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you can use web filtering products which come with some of the antivirus softwares such as macafee, zonealarm, trend micro, norton this restricts the machine from going to specific sites regardless of where they are connected i.e. office/home/client site etc...

here's a free way of obtaining list of softwares installed:


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Excellent, thanks.

answered 2011-11-17 at 07:59:45

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