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Hi everyone,
I am installing windows server 2003 on DELL server R710, and I am getting the below message.

But when i install windows server 2008 64 or 32 bits it is installing with me normally.
what should i do with the hard disks to accept it ? Maybe it is because of RAID configuration? how can i configure it as required ?

    asked 12/17/2011 02:15

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    This is win2k3.  Drivers for the controller aren't on the CD, but ARE built in with win2k8.  Do the F8 thing and you can install drivers from a floppy disk. (But I don't know off the top of my head if they exist for win2k3, so can't promise that it will work)

    But at least you know what the problem is


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    You have two options:

    (1) Disable native support for the SAS/SATA controller and set it to IDE (legacy) mode -- I'm not sure if this is an available option on the PowerEdge R710 ... it is on all Dell desktop systems, but not sure about the servers.

    (2)  Download the appropriate SAS/SATA drivers for the R710 and have them available on a floppy during the installation.    The drivers are available here:
    ... just select "Choose from a list of all Dell products";   then Servers; then PowerEdge; and then the R710.     Finally you select the OS you're installing (Server 2003) and then you'll get a list of all of the available downloads, which includes several controller downloads.

    Alternatively, you can enter your Service Tag at the first screen and it should take you directly to the correct downloads for your system.

    answered 2011-12-17 at 22:27:31

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    The RAID controller driver is not installed on the server. Press F6 when it prompts while installing OS and provide a driver of the controller.

    You can also try using Server CD which has drivers and it will also prompt of OS after it installs the controller driver. You need to boot from that cd and complete the wizard. In Hp it is called HP Smartstart CD. Not sure with Dell

    Good luck

    answered 2011-12-17 at 23:49:05

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    Thanks everybody,

    @ syedarifex,
    But why in 2008 I can install it without configuring the RAID?
    Can I configure the RAID from Windows 2008, and then I install 2003?

    answered 2011-12-18 at 00:01:07

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    You should have an OpenManagent DVD or similar that came with the server. If you lost that DVD you should be able to download it from the Dell site and burn the iso to DVD.

    Boot your server with that DVD first, and setup the disks with it the way you want (RAID or no RAID etc). After that you should have an option where you can select the OS you want to install, and 2003 server should be included. The DVD then prepares the system and when ready will eject the DVD and ask you for the 2003 install CD. After that the installation should proceed fine with the proper drivers.

    When installing a Server you should always first try it using those CD's / DVD's you got with the server. Only if the OS isn't included in the list on the CD or DVD should you try a direct installation from the OS installation media.

    The reason you can't find a disk when installing directly from the OS CD is that, as has already been mentioned, the controller's driver just wasn't included with that OS (it's a relatively new server, and the OS you are wanting to install is old, so that controller probably didn't even exist at that time).

    answered 2011-12-18 at 00:31:45

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    No, you cannot configure RAID from 2008 and install 2003.

    RAID has to be configured before you install OS. I guess lt will take default raid depending on the number of drives installed on the server. Please proceed with the steps provided above...

    Good Luck

    answered 2011-12-18 at 01:00:37

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    Problem solved :)

    answered 2011-12-18 at 03:25:01

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