I want to create a windows phone 7 business application that connects to a remote database. I understand I will need to create a web service. From what I've read, it should be a WCF web service. I want it to be secure so that only my application can access it.

1) I've looked at a few tutorials, but there must be something better. Any good books on creating and using a web service? security, etc.

2) Do I have to use LINQ in the web service to return the data? Can I use ADO.NET so I can reuse my existing CRUD / ORM?


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Would you be able to make use of the MembershipProvider ( ) and RoleProvider ( ) classes?

There are also some good tutorials and books available discussing the topic of security within WCF.


You can use what ever you wish to communicate with your database, you are not limited to a specific technology.  That said LINQ to Entities is very flexible and easy to work with.


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