I finally bought an XBOX 360 for my son today.  Bought 2 wireless controllers with it and neither can I get working.

o  The console is a refurbished 250GB model.

o  The console itself fires right up.  Goes to the screen where it shows a controller and how to click the Guide button.  

o  I have tried holding down the Guide button on the controller.

o  No lights ever appear on either controller, at any time.

o  If you click and hold the "Link" button on the console, lights do indeed flash around the big round button.

o  I have tried 3 different sets of brand-new batteries (even different brands) in different combinations in each controller.

o  I have tried clicking the "Link" button on the console, and then the "Link" button on the controller.

o  I have tried moving the controllers very close to the console at times, and also very far away at times.

o  I have read whatever link on the web that you're about to paste into here as your answer.

The only thing I can figure is that the console itself is faulty.  I find that more likely than that both controllers are somehow defective.

Any ideas?  I'm taking this console and maybe a couple of Molotov cocktails to GameStop tomorrow.

Thanks for any help.

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I would suggest to take it to the shop if you are going to any way tomorrow. Get them to attach a power cable to each of the controllers and console to see if they link or power on then.
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I so hoped that no one would answer, so that I could sheepishly and quietly delete this question.

I cannot even bring myself to type what the problem was.  

Take thy points and avert thy gaze.  I am hideous.
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We are ready to hear your confession ...

(Although I think I know what it is and if so be reassured that I've done that too - and I'm supposed to be the games guru here :))

Stay subscribed and you'll be able to tell the next person who arrives with the same "problem".

Happy gaming!
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Freakin' batteries in the wrong way.  Or at least one of them.

You know, for me, battery-insertion has become automatic I guess.  The spring end of the battery slot gets the flat, negative end of the battery.  The "metal tab" end of the battery slot gets the knobbed positive end.

Not so in this case.  One battery goes that way, yes.  But the other one goes the opposite way.  Yet each slot has the same orientation of spring/metal tab.  So you'd think that, however you insert them, they're going to go the same direction.

I almost boxed it all up and took it back to claim that my refurbed system didn't work.  Just imagine the abject humiliation that would have cost me...
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